University Heights Intermediate

3901 Aggie

Jonesboro, AR  7240


870-336-4705 (Fax)


A few reminders of UHI procedures:


1.  Student drop-off begins at 7:30; our morning assembly begins at 7:55 .Any student arriving after 7:55 must be signed in the front office. Students are tardy after 7:56. 


2.  Car riders are dismissed promptly at 2:50 each afternoon.  Parents should remain in cars; duty teachers will dismiss students as cars pull to the front of the building to the loading/unloading zone.  For safety, any remaining students will be brought back into the building at 3:15 and must be signed out by a guardian. We understand that there may be emergencies that delay pick-up occasionally, but parents are accountable for on-time pick-up.  The School Resource Officer will be notified of habitual failure to arrive on-time.  The Nettleton School District provides bus transportation to its students daily. 


3.  Students shall be prompt in arriving to school and to class.  A child is documented as tardy when arriving 5 to 15 minutes after the beginning of the school day.  A child is documented as ½ day absent when arriving more than 15 minutes late or leaving more than 15 minutes before the end of the school day.  Excessive tardies and/or absences will result in parent notification and/or a conference and may be reported to the Prosecuting Attorney of Craighead County. Arkansas Department of Education guidelines requires that students be in attendance 6 hours a day excluding lunch and recess.  Students who receive less than 3 hours of instructional time will be counted absent for the entire day.

4.  Students can be checked out only through the office by a parent/guardian or other responsible person pre-approved by the parent/guardian.  The names of the persons who are pre-approved must be on file in the office.  No student check out will be permitted after 2:45.  Any student arriving late to school (after the tardy bell) or returning to school after having checked out will report to the school office and sign the check-in list.  Signing in is necessary to keep accurate attendance records.


Thank you for your continued support as we strive to maintain a safe, nurturing learning environment for our students.



Debbie Bean

Principal, University Heights Intermediate