Thursday, October 18, 2007
Attendance Policy

Regular attendance help students be successful throughout the school year. Please take time to read the attendance policy in the district policy book. Below are some of the important elements of the attendance policy:
  • The parent/guardian needs to call the office the morning of a student's absence. If the parent doesn't call the office, attempts will be made to contact the home.
  • If a student has more than 6 absences in a class during a semester, the student shall not receive credit in that class
  • Teachers will notify the office when a student misses 3 & 5 days in a class. The office will then notify the parents by mail. A 9th grade student may lose credit if any more absences occur. 7th and 8th grade students with additional absences could be denied promotion.
  • A student missing more than the allowed 6 days may be summoned to juvenile court along with his/her parent/guardian with a representative for the district and may be charged with a civil penalty not to exceed $500 plus cost of court and any fees assigned by the court.
If you have any questions concerning the attendance policy, please contact Jack Sample, Campus Security/Truant Officer at 910-7819 extension 222.

Cell Phone Policy at NJHS
The Nettleton Public School District policy prohibits cell phone on campus.

Nettleton Junior High School will enforce this policy. Students will not be allowed to bring cell phones into the junior high building during school hours.

Students who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action beginning with 2 days of in-school-suspension. This disciplinary action could become more severe for repeat offenders.

An office phone is available for student use before school, between classes and after school.

Please help us enforce this rule by encouraging students to leave their cell phones at home.
NJHS Dress Code
It is important that students dress in a manner that is conducive to good health practices and safety regulations. Dress should not hinder the educational process and should present a comfortable atmosphere for students, faculty and staff. If a student's dress interferes with the educational process or presents an uncomfortable atmosphere, that student will be asked to make appropriate changes which could involve calling a parent/guardian to bring them more clothing. Repeated violations of these policies will result in disciplinary action. All students are expected to attend school appropriately dressed and properly groomed. Please remember the following items when shopping for back to school clothes:
  • Head gear of all types and sunglasses are not allowed on campus. Please remove before entering the building.
  • Pants are to be worn above the hips with no undergarments showing.
  • Shorts should be no more than a dollar bill length (6 inches) above the knee.
  • Skirts, dresses and skorts should be no more that a dollar bill width (2 inches) above the knee.
  • Shirts should be at least an inch below the belt line. Bare midriffs are not acceptable. Tops and bottoms should not expose the bell or back.
  • Shirt straps must be one inch or wider. No undergarments should be visable.
  • No spandes or stretch pants are allowed.
  • Clothing that displays symbols, or slogans that are lewd, obscene, or alcohol or drug related are not allowed.
  • Chains or other items that can be used as harm inflicting devices will not be tolerated.
Thank you for keeping these policies in mind when doing your back to school shopping and throughout the year.


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