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Sandy McCall


Message from the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

Welcome to Nettleton Intermediate Center.  The faculty and staff join me in saying we're happy to have you as part of the NIC family.  The pages of this handbook are filled with important information regarding school policy and procedures.  Our school's web site, http://nettletonschools.net/ , provides additional, up-to-date information for NIC students and parents.  At NIC we believe that open and clear communication between school and home is important to the success of our educational program. Please call the school office at 910-7809 if you have any questions.  We welcome your participation and support during the school year, and we look forward to a successful and productive year.


Sandy McCall


The Vision and Mission of Nettleton Public Schools

Whatever it takes...

The mission of the Nettleton School District is to provide and educationally progressive environment that is safe, diverse, and accepting for all students.

Nettleton Public Schools Raider Belief Statements

We believe that a quality school system:


Nettleton Intermediate Center

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Nettleton Intermediate Center faculty, staff, parents, and community to provide opportunities for excellence, ensuring that each student realizes individual potential and takes advantage of opportunities for

· Academic achievement

· Social and physical development

· Affective growth

· Study and organizational skills improvement

· Technological skills development


Bell Schedule

8:00 School Day Begins

8:05 Tardy Bell

2:55 First Bus Load, Raider Camp Dismissal

3:00 Second Bus Load, Car Riders Dismissal

3:05 Walkers Dismissed and Second Bus Load


  Students are required to attend school daily except for personal illness, family emergency, or for unusual causes acceptable to the principal of the school in which the student is enrolled.  A doctor's statement or other supportive data verifying the reason for the absence must be presented to the office on the day the student returns to school.  Doctor's statements are preferred.  Up to five parent/guardian notes will be accepted.  The note should state the student's name, the reason for the absence, the date of the absence(s), and the telephone number of the parent/guardian.  If a student's absences exceed six days per semester, supportive data in his/her file will be evaluated to determine whether the absences will be referred to the prosecuting attorney.

Tardies and Absences

  Students shall be prompt in arriving to school and to class.  A child is documented as tardy when arriving 5 to 15 minutes after the beginning of the school day.  A child is documented as ½ day absent when arriving more than 15 minutes late or leaving more than 15 minutes before the end of the school day.  Excessive tardies and/or absences will result in parent notification and/or a conference and may be reported to the Prosecuting Attorney of Craighead County.

Arkansas Department of Education guidelines requires that students be in attendance 6 hours a day excluding lunch and recess.  Students who receive less than 3 hours of instructional time will be counted absent for the entire day.

Checking In and Out

  Students can be checked out only through the office by a parent/guardian or other responsible person pre-approved by the parent/guardian.  The names of the persons who are pre-approved must be on file in the office. 

  Any student arriving late to school (after the tardy bell) or returning to school after having checked out will report to the school office and sign the check-in list.  Signing in is necessary to keep accurate attendance records.

School Closings

  The school will notify KAIT television station and KFIN radio station whenever school must close unexpectedly, such as for inclement weather.

Admininistering Medications at School

  The school nurse shall administer internal medication to students in cases where a physician prescribes the medication.  The parent/guardian shall request, in writing, that the medication be administered to the student, and the request shall be filed with the student's records.  Prescribed medication must be in the original pharmacist's container if administered by the school nurse.

School Bus Safety

  The Nettleton School District provides daily bus transportation for its students.  The safety of these students is of great concern to the school.  Certain rules and procedures must be followed if safe conditions are to be maintained on school buses, and these rules and procedures are listed in the Nettleton Student Policy Handbook.  Special circumstances may call for additional rules, and each driver has the authority to make such rules as he/she thinks are necessary for the safety of bus passengers.

  Failure to follow bus rules may result in a bus referral with the following consequences:

· 1st bus referral   warning by principal

· 2nd bus referral 3-day bus suspension

· 3rd bus referral 5-day bus suspension

· 4th bus referral 10-day bus suspension

· 5th bus referral bus suspension for remainder of the year

Please refer to the Nettleton Public School Student Handbook for additional school policies and guidelines.

Homework Tips

1. Remembering to bring homework assignments back to school is an important responsibility you must develop.  Choosing a special Homework Drop Spot at home will help you develop the habit of always putting completed assignments in the same place each night.  (Hint:  Choose a Homework Drop Spot that's easy to "spot" on the way out the door in the morning.)

2. To do homework successfully, you must have a place in which to work.  The study area must be well lit, quiet, and have all necessary supplies.  Keep the radio and TV off while homework is being done.  (Hint:  Whenever possible, keep the study area off limits to brothers and sisters during homework time.)

3. One of the keys to getting homework done is having supplies in one place.  A Homework Survival Kit-containing supplies needed to do homework-will prevent you from being continually distracted by the need to go searching for supplies and will free you from last-minute trips to the store. (Hint: Some supplies to include are pencils, pens, writing paper, crayons, markers, ruler, pencil sharpener, erasers, glue, tape, construction paper, hole punch, stapler, scissors, paper clips, folders, index cards, and dictionary.)

4. Daily Homework Time is a pre-planned time set aside each day during which you must do homework.  During Daily Homework Time, all other activities must stop; just go to your study area and get to work.

5. Long-range projects, with their due dates sometime in the "distant" future, are usually the most difficult school assignments to complete.  Use a Long-Range Planner to break down a big, overwhelming project into small, easily completed tasks, each with its own "mini-deadline."  Ask your parents for help with distributing the assignment over the period of time given for the project.

2007-2008 Calendar
Nettleton Intermediate Center

August 13-17   Staff Development

August 16   NIC Open House 6:00-7:30

August 20   First day of school (1st Quarter Begins)

September 3  Labor Day-No school

October 4   NIC Night Out Tailgate Party

October 15   End of 1st quarter (40 days)

October 25   Student Day/Parent Teacher Conferences  2:00-8:00 p.m.

October 26   Staff Development Day

November 21-23   Thanksgiving Break

December 19    End of 2nd quarter (43 days)

Dec. 20-Jan. 2   Christmas Break

January 3   Begin Second Semester

January 21   Staff Development (Exchange Day)

March 11    End of 3rd quarter (48 days)

March 17-21  Spring Break

March 27   Student Day/Parent Teacher Conferences  2:00-8:00

March 28 Staff Development

May 23 End of 4th quarter (47 days) Last day of school

May 26 Memorial Day

May 27   Staff Development (Exchange Day)

May 28   Staff Development (Exchange Day)

*Any days missed due to inclement weather or any other reason will be made up at the end of the school year.


Class ACT Rules

A Matrix of Behavioral Expectations

The NIC staff has created ways to "Be A Class ACT" -- 3 short rules that we expect everyone in our school community to abide by.  They are:

·   A lways show respect

·   C are for self and others

·   T ake responsibility

It is our goal to make the understanding of the Class ACT Rules as clear and easy for children as possible.  The matrix indicates what each of the rules actually looks like in the various places in the school and on the grounds.  In a positive manner, the matrix tells children what to do and how to behave in order to abide by these three rules in the various areas of the school.  The matrix (and portions of the matrix) will be posted in each classroom and in areas around the school.  Please take the time to go over and review this matrix with your child(ren).  The matrix is found below.

Matrix of School Wide Expectations



















Emergency Situations

Arrival & Dismissal

A lways





2-Use appropriate language.

3-Respect property and opinion of others.

1- Maintain others' personal space.

2-Use quiet voices.

3-Walk orderly.

4-Use appropriate language and gestures.

1-Listen to and follow directions from adult on duty.

2-Be aware of activities around you.

3-Enter the building quietly when returning from the playground.

1-Respect others' privacy.

2-Respect property.

3-Flush toilet.

1-Use inside voices.

2-Respect others' personal space.

3-Listen and respond politely to adult directions.

1-Use appropriate language.

2-Listen to the driver.

3-Talk in a quiet voice to your neighbor.

1-Listen and sit quietly.

2-Use appropriate applause.

3-Be respectful of presenter.

1-Listen for directions.



3-Focus on the teacher.


2-Respond to adult directions


3-Remove hats /hoods when entering building.

C aring

For Self &


1-Use kind words and actions.

2-Help others/share.

3-Be honest.

1-Walk safely.

2-Be courteous to others in the hall or in the classroom.

3-Give others' room to walk.

1-Use polite words and gestures.

2-Play fair.

3-Care about others' feelings.

1-Keep bathroom clean.

2- Wash hands.

1-Practice good table and line manners.

2-Clean your eating area before leaving.

1-Keep hands and feet out of the aisle.

2-Walk while loading or unloading bus.

1-Enter and exit quietly.

2-Keep hands and feet to yourself.

1-Stay calm.

2-Be alert.

1-Use quiet voices.

2-Give others room to walk.

T ake


1-Be prepared for class.

2-Show your best effort.

3-Place materials and equipment back to proper place.

1-Stay together as a class.

2-Keep all outside doors closed.

3-Keep hands and feet to yourself.

1-Use equipment properly.

2-Dress appropriately for the weather.

3-Return to the building promptly when playground time is over.

1-Be quick and quiet.

2-Use bathroom at appropriate times.

1-Have your lunch card ready.

2- Stay seated until dismissed. If you need to get up, raise your hand and wait for permission.

3-Return used trays neatly to proper location.

1-Be at the bus stop on time.

2-Sit in seat facing forward.

3-Stay seated until the bus stops.

1-Sit in your assigned area and be attentive.

2-Follow adult directions.

3-Participate and enjoy the assembly.

1-Remain silent.

2- Follow set rules.

3-Stay in your group.

1-Be on time.

2-Go to assigned area.

3-Wait to be dismissed.

4-Be prepared with materials and assignments.

Please Note

We want to create a positive behavior reward and reinforcement system that has continuity across all areas of our matrix.  We ask parents, faculty and staff to help students understand why they are being rewarded, and connect the re-enforcer with a specific positive behavior on the matrix.  Additional positive behaviors can be added to the matrix.

**Individual teachers will have additional classroom procedures.


Cool Tools

One of the most important parts of the PBIS system is that behavioral skills and expectations are taught directly to students.  In doing so, students know exactly what is expected of them and how they are to behave.  Each week a new lesson, or Cool Tool, will be taught to all students.  Cool Tools to be taught will be selected based upon the needs of our students.  During the first week of school, all children will be taught the Class ACT Rules.

"Caught in the ACT" Tickets

An Acknowledgement/Reinforcement System

Another component of the PBIS system is the use of consistent positive reinforcement to celebrate students' success with being a "Class ACT".  All staff members who observe children following the rules can issue a "Caught in the ACT" ticket.  ALL children will be receiving tickets for demonstrating good behavior of the behavioral skills being taught.  Children can earn tickets in all areas of the school (classroom, cafeteria, playground, etc.) and from all staff members.  Research shows us that positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to not only change problematic behavior, but also to encourage and maintain appropriate behavior.

Students will have various opportunities to redeem their "Caught in the ACT" tickets for rewards. Students may visit the NIC Knack Shack, our school store, monthly during a designated time.  They may also redeem their tickets for open gym time, a raffle, treats, and other special school-wide activities throughout the year.  The NIC staff is committed to making sure ALL children who demonstrate positive behaviors will receive "Caught in the ACT" tickets.


The ODR - Office Discipline Referral Form

Even with teaching students our expectations, offering pre-corrections or reminders for the expected behaviors, and our positive reinforcement system, unfortunately, some students will still misbehave.  For those instances, the staff has designed the ODR (Office Discipline Referral Form).  This form is in line with the district behavior code, and divides infractions into MINORS and MAJORS.  The form will also help teachers be more consistent not only with enforcing our Class ACT Rules, but also in taking corrective action when students have disobeyed the rules.

Before an ODR is filled out, teachers will try to manage the situation through regular classroom management (see Demerit System on following page).  If the teacher is unable to do so, an ODR will be filled out and sent to the office. 

Our goal is to teach students REPLACEMENT BEHAVIORS, or what they need to do instead, so that all students can work in a school environment that is safe, fun, free from distraction, and allows all students to reach their maximum learning potential.

Classroom Management

Demerit System

The demerit system is organized to encourage and reward good student behavior.  Students can earn quarterly and yearly rewards for limiting the number of demerits they receive.  Earning excessive demerits can result in negative consequences.  Students will be given demerits at the discretion of the faculty and staff.  The demerit system is used in conjunction with the Class ACT behavioral matrix.

Rewards and Consequences

3 behavior demerits during an academic quarter  


Parents notified/no recess one day

0-5 behavior demerits during an academic quarter and no major disciplinary referrals



Quarterly reward

6 behavior demerits during an  academic quarter


Parent conference/ no recess for one week

9 behavior demerits during an  academic quarter


Parents notified/one day after school detention/major referral

12 behavior demerits during an  academic quarter


Parent conference/ evaluate for alternative setting

0-20 behavior demerits during the year and two or fewer major disciplinary referrals


End of year reward


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please read over the material in this packet with your child.  After discussing the material in the packet on the behavioral matrix and the demerit system sent home by your child's teacher, please sign and return this page to school.  We want to seek your partnership in helping us to create our positive school climate.

Thank you very much for your support,

NIC Faculty and Staff

I have read and understand the Matrix of School-wide Expectations and the Demerit System. 

Parent/Guardian Signature _________________________

Student Signature _________________________



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