What do I do when a student transfers in?

When a student transfers in during a quarter already in session, the transfer grade MUST be entered into Pinnacle in order to get a correct quarter and semester average.

Create an assignment named TRANSFER GRADE and enter the grade the student transfers in with.

How much weight you apply to this transfer grade is a building decision. This can be accomplished by changing the SCORE WEIGHT to whatever is applicable when creating the assignment. The default is Score Weight = 1. This means this assignments counts one time. Whatever number is assigned, is the number of times the assignment will count.

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If the student enters during 2nd or 4th Quarter - you MUST use the quarter chooser on the toolbar, go back into the previous quarter, click on Options and Show Inactive Students. The student will appear at the bottom of your list with an *before the name. Create an assignment named "Transfer Grade" and input their average. If this step is ommitted - the student will not have an accurate semester average.

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