Positive Behavior Intervention System

University Heights Elementary will be implementing a school wide positive behavior system this year. PBIS focuses on improving a school's ability to teach and support positive behavior of all students. It is a proactive system approach of prevention and response to class room and school discipline issues. Emphasis is on developing and maintaining safe environments where teachers can teach and students can learn. School wide expectations are outlined in a Behavioral Matrix.Our theme for PBIS is 'Be An All Star!' with the emphasis on Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe.

Children will be taught school expectations through COOL TOOLS. Cool Tools are a written, specific plan that each teacher will present as part of the curriculum. Each week during the year, a different COOL TOOL will be presented to the children. The COOL TOOLS will provide direct explanation of each school rule, allow for practicing of each rule, and will give children opportunities to 'role play' each rule.


As part of PBIS, each teacher will have a consistent behavior management technique within the classroom. Behaviors in the classroom will be managed by a color system: Green, Yellow, Red, Black. Offenses in the classroom will result in child moving their name from green to yellow. Subsequent offenses will result in moving from yellow to red.

A child moving to RED in the classroom is a MINOR referral.

A child moving to BLACK in the classroom is an automatic MAJOR referral.

A MAJOR referral is an office discipline issue for the principal.

Also, three (3) MINOR referrals within a month result in a MAJOR referral. MINOR and MAJOR referral issues are clearly defined among school staff. Children's behavior referrals are overturned at the end of each quarter. Data on referrals is documented by each teacher and will be submitted for entry into PBIS management software program.

'DUGOUT DOLLARS' are a tangible reward that a child may earn by exhibiting All Star behavior. DUGOUT DOLLARS can be used in a variety of ways. Children will also earn privilege of attending quarterly celebrations based on referrals in classroom.

Positive behaviors = positive rewards!!



At the end of each month, the children will have opportunity to 'spend' their DUGOUT DOLLARS at the ALL-STAR store. There will be a variety of toys, supplies, collectibles, and memorabilia for children to purchase. Periodically throughout the year, the children will also have the opportunity to purchase entrance into special events. These opportunities could include stadium snacks, ice-cream treats, special trips, or other surprises.

At the end of each quarter "TIME-OUT" the children who have had 0(zero) Major referrals and/or less than 3 (three) Minor referrals will participate in a CELEBRATION event.

The mid-year 'HALF TIME' event will be a holiday centered celebration.

At the end of the school year, University Heights will have a 4th quarter VICTORY CELEBRATION.

Children will be notified of the upcoming events so they can foresee what All Star behavior will allow them to do.