Junior Bel Canto and Junior Male Chorus compete in Central Invitational Festival-Tues. Nov 6th Junior Bel Canto and Junior Male Chorus Christmas Carol at the State Capitol-Monday Dec 10th Congratulations to the following members of the 2007 NE Ark All-Region Choir. NJHS had not only the most students in the NE Region to participate in this event we also had the most students who (out of 1000+ participants) successfully made the choir. Congrats to the following region choir members who will perform on Nov 3rd at ASU in the all-region choir. Paige Bassi, Carolyn Bittle, Mary-Mattison Baker, Sarah Stringer, Michaela Hart, Lyndsey Moore, Bret Sanders, Casey Gibson, McKenzie Catt, Jaqulyn Brantley, Kaley Matthews, Tasheenah Brown, Rachel Duford, Skyler Woodard, Paige Pearson, Shaniqua Taylor, Allyson Porter, Ashauna Brown, Mary Rougeau, Nicole Cornes, LaTisha Jones, April Smallwood, Courtney White, Pagon Hathcock, Destinee Bradley, Ebony Scott, Ebony Sjokvist, Matthew Crociata, Ethan Abbott, Tyler Fry, Denzel Farrow, Joey Stevenson, Joseph Hollaway, Patrick Gibson, Geoff Fortier, John Cheny and Dakota Byard.