Bobbie Timmermann, Head Coach
High School-A & M Consolidated College Station, TX
College-Arkansas State University
Schools Coached-Nettleton
Years of Experience-38 years

Lori Clements, Assistant Coach
High School-England High
College-Arkansas State University
Schools Coached-Nettleton
Years of Experience-11 years

Any student in grades 9 through 12 are invited to try out for Nettleton
High School bowling team.

Pre-Season Practices:
Tentative: Start September 26, 2007

Students trying out for the team are expected to be at practice. If the student cannot be at practice, they are to notify Coach Timmermann prior
to practice. The pre-season practice is used to select the varsity teams so this practice is important.

Official Practice for students making the varsity teams:
Tentative: Third week in October. Practice will be once per week-day to be decided by Jonesboro Bowling Center-probably Monday or Wednesday

Teams will be selected by mid to late October
  Each team, boys and girls, will consist of 6 players with 3
  substitutes-total of 9 per team

Competition starts the last week of November-week of November
26-30. Practices are on Mondays from 3:30-5:30

Competition days are Wednesdays from 3:30-5:45

Competition continue for 10 weeks

District and State Tournaments:
  District Tournament-Week of February 4-8,2008(tentatively
  scheduled at Stuggart)

  State Tournament-Week of February 11-15,2008(tentatively at

  Team shirts(provided)

  Khaki pants provided by student

AAA Sanctioned:
              2.0 GPA required No cell phones

Physical required Proper Uniform

No jewelry during competition Signed Code of Ethics

No hats Signed Consent and Release