Parents, REPORT CARDS will be given out in the office for the next couple of weeks. Please come by the office and get your student's login and password, so that you can check their attendance and grades. Don't forget to call the office when they are absent at 910-7805 ext. 229. Students who are absent more than six times in a class during a semester shall not receive credit in that class unless an extension is granted. To continue in good standing after an extension is granted, any absence must be for personal illness, a death in the immediate family, or a required court appearance. Proof for each absence must be furnished in the form of a statement signed by a physician, minister, or judge.

Students, Don't forget cell phones are not allowed on campus. You will get detention any time you are tardy to school and no holes in your pants a dollar bill width above the knee. The holes can not be taped or patched.

11/06/07 > Junior Choir
11/21/07 > Thanksgiving Break
11/22/07 > Thanksgiving Break
11/23/07 > Thanksgiving Break
12/10/07 > Junior Choir
12/11/07 > BAND CONCERT-7:00
12/19/07 > End 2nd Quarter
12/20/07 > Christmas Break
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