School History

Raider Open Door Academy, the seventh Nettleton School, officially opened its doors to students on August 4, 2003. Our students begin school two weeks earlier than the other seven schools. Our goal is for the students to realize success in life requires hard work and effort. Students are currently starting at the very basic of skills in their academics, working hard to fill in the gaps that have hindered their learning in the past. Students have homework every day which must be completed and signed by their parents. These students take very seriously the idea that they are not only responsible for their learning, but also for the learning of their classmates. Another component of our school is the HERO behavior program. HERO is an anacronym for Helping Everyone Respect Others. This program stresses the importance of responsibility for one's actions and respect for learning. Our goal is that these components of our school culture can help our students to rise above whatever social or economic barriers which may have prevented them from succeeding in the past. Our teachers are committed to giving these students whatever they need to be successful. They carry cell phones and are on call Monday through Thursday until 9 pm for homework help. The teachers spent their entire summer in various training sessions to be better equipped for the rigorous academic standards of the Academy. They are student-centered, working with the individual academic and emotional needs of students to meet them where they are and take them as far as they can go. We are not a school for special education students. We are not a school for students with behavior or emotional problems. We are a school for students who are capable to be the best and brightest, but for some reason have not worked up to their potential. We will succeed and meet our goals of providing our students with a rigorous curriculum, setting high academic standards, and increasing test scores so that our students may have many open doors in their future.